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Review FAQ’s

We strive to answer all your questions about our NCLEX reviews.  If you have a questions that you don’t see here, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to get back to you within 24 hours with an answer.

Where is your office located?

Our reviews are online but our administrative offices are located in Atlanta, GA.

Do I have to be a United States resident to use your reviews?

No.  We have people from all over the world use our online video learning systems.  As long as you have a high speed internet connection you can log into our members only are from anywhere in the world.

Do you help me sign up the NCLEX?

No, we do not help you sign up for the NCLEX.  It is your responsibility to be aware of your own eligibility to take the exam in your state.  Becoming a member of our NCLEX review community does not in any way guarantee or imply your eligibility to attempt the NCLEX.

Are you affiliated with the NCSBN?

No, we are an independent company.  We are not affiliated with any college, educational institute, testing agency or accrediting board.

How often do you update the NCLEX review material?

We always make sure our NCLEX review material is updated to the most current version of the NCLEX.  If updates are made during your membership you will be notified via the members area and via email.

Do I have to download software?

No.  There is nothing to download or install onto your computer.  The only thing you need is a high speed internet connection and a computer with speakers so you can hear the lectures.

Is there a contract?

No.  Unlike other NCLEX reviews that only sell expensive blocks of times like three months, you only need to stay a member with us for as long as you feel it necessary.  If you only need to study for one month then you can cancel your membership and you won’t be billed again.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Your monthly membership is automatically debited from either your credit card or Paypal account until you want to cancel your membership.  Once you’ve submitted your cancelation request according to our terms of service you will no longer be billed.  At this time we do not accept checks or manual monthly payments.

How do I cancel my membership?

Canceling your membership is really fast and easy.  At least 72 hours before your re-bill date just send an email to and we will turn off your automatic billing.  You will still have access for the remainder of your monthly membership though.

How long after I sign up do I have to wait to start watching videos?

There is no wait.  You will not have to wait for a password or confirmation.  As soon as you join, you will be watching videos within minutes.

How long will the review take me?

The review is self-paced so you can go as quickly or as slowly as you like.  If, however, you commit to just 10 hours a week or watching videos, you can expect to be thoroughly prepared to pass your NCLEX within two months.  The important thing to remember is to set realistic goals.  Telling yourself you are going to study 5 hours a day while still holding down a full-time job is only going to set yourself up for failure.  Be realistic in your study schedule.  More importantly, be consistent.

Is there live support?

Yes.  You can email our team of Registered Nurses directly or you can post questions in the members forum where other members and our staff can help you with whatever you need.  Your live support is unlimited.  We will be here for you until you pass your NCLEX.

Do you offer onsite NCLEX reviews?

Yes, we do.  For information on an onsite NCLEX review please contact us at 770.455-8008

Can I download the videos?

No, you can’t download the videos to your computer but we do offer the option to buy the audio versions you can listen to on your MP3 player or on CD you can listen to in your car.

Can I share my login password?

It is against our terms of service to share your login information.  Doing so might result in cancelation of your membership.  Please do not share your information.

How many times can I watch the videos?

You can watch the videos as many times as you like as long as you are a member of our site.  You can watch them as quickly or as slowly as you like.

How many times can I take the practice exams?

You can take them as much as you like.  There is no limit to the amount of usage on any of the content, support or products in the membership area.

Do you offer a referral fee if I tell my friends?

Yes, we do.  We are always appreciative when you tell your friends about us.  For details on our referral program please contact us at 770.455.8008.

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I cannot say enough wonderful things about you!! I tend to learn and retain material better by visual aids and then re-inforcing what I I've learned. - Nicholas Loukas
Kudos to You! All of your videos are very professional and ever so helpful!- Kim Erickson
Awesome instructor and sticks with you to the end. (and after!!) - Kim Huggins

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