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Finding the Motivation To Study

Written by The NCLEX Team. Posted in NCLEX Nursing Articles

School is over and it’s time to celebrate – right?  Not quite.  We all know how difficult and time-consuming school turned out to be, and we all know that giant feeling of relief when it is finally over.  But we also know there is one more thing standing in the way of you and your total success.  You still have to pass the NCLEX.

If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do after graduating nursing school is pick up another book and start studying.  But I knew I had to do it because my entire future was riding on me passing that test.  Talk about pressure!  Unfortunately, sometimes pressure isn’t enough to motivate me when I need to study and, since I don’t think I’m all that unusual, chances are good you’re in a similar situation.

So, what do we do?  How do we find the motivation to study long after our energy stores are totally depleted?  As usual, I don’t have all the answers, but I think I can give you a few tips to help you get back in the groove, start your NCLEX review, and stay on the road to success.

The first thing you may want to do is set a reasonable deadline for yourself.  I have a special talent for procrastination and without a deadline looming, I had absolutely no incentive to hit the books.  Knowing how long I had to study really helped me to focus my attention on the things I had to do, and I’m pretty sure it can work for you, too.  For example, if you decide to give yourself four weeks to study before you actually take the test, you can create a study schedule that has a lot of flexibility to take into account those days when you’re just not feeling it.  And, if you decide to devote, say, two hours a day to studying, you’ll know that you will have studied a minimum of 56 hours by test time.

The next thing is to make sure you reward yourself.  Once I finally got into the groove of regular studying, I found small ways to reward myself periodically for reaching my goals.  If I stuck to my study times all week long it would earn me a two-hour trip to the antique mall.  Studying hard for two hours at night would get me a favorite 30 minute TV show or an hour to read or soak in a bubble bath before bedtime.  The important thing is to find time for yourself and not cut out all the things you enjoy doing.  If you look at these little treats as rewards for studying, it can really help to motivate you.

Some people enjoy studying in a group or with a partner.  Bringing in a friend to help you with your NCLEX review can help keep you accountable, especially if it’s someone who won’t let you off the hook.  Even a once a week study date can keep you motivated, especially if you work out a study schedule with your partner before you begin.  Also, it can give you someone to celebrate with after you both pass with flying colors (notice the seamless use of positive thinking here!).

Perhaps the biggest motivation of all is to remember why you’re studying.  Since you’re already in the medical field, you know how rewarding and exciting a career it can be.  You also know that, once you pass the NCLEX, your earning potential increases dramatically which means you’ll have a lot more resources to do all those things you’ve wanted to do but never had the means.  That’s a lot of motivation!

So, take a deep breath, start your NCLEX review, and let’s get started!  Your total success is right around the next bend.


Registering to Take Your NCLEX

Written by The NCLEX Team. Posted in NCLEX Test Taking Tips

There are several steps that you will want to take when going through the NCLEX process. Below will outline the most important things that you’ll need to know in order to have a successful NCLEX experience.

Step 1. Apply for licensure with your board of nursing.

Step 2. Register and pay $200 with Pearson VUE. You can do this via the Internet, phone or by mail. Use the exact name that is on your ID. Using an e-mail address ensures that all further communication, such as letters from Pearson VUE will come via e-mail. If an emailed address is not supplied, the regular US mail will be used. You must be made eligible by the board of nursing within one year of your registration and payment. Third-party payments must only be sent to the address listed at Please be sure to note that there are no refunds of NCLEX fees for any reason.

Step 3. Receive Receipt of Registration from Pearson VUE.

Step 4. Receive eligibility from the board of nursing.

Step 5. Receive a letter from Pearson VUE Authorization to Test (ATT) letter. You will be given validity dates and you must test within these dates. Extensions will not be allowed. Check that your name matches your ID.

Step 6. Set up an appointment via the Internet or use the telephone for scheduling international appointments. If you need to change your appointment, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday appointments must be rescheduled 24 hours in advance of the original date and time. Saturday, Sunday, or Monday appointments must be rescheduled no later than Friday, at least 1 full business day in advance of the original date and time.

Step 7. Get to your exam appointment and present your Authorization to Test letter and a valid ID.  In U.S., American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands test centers, the only acceptable forms of ID are: U.S. Drivers license from the Department of Motor Vehicles. If expired, a renewal slip that includes a photograph and a signature must be presented as well.

Step 8.  Stay confident in what you learned from your NCLEX review and pass the NCLEX!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about you!! I tend to learn and retain material better by visual aids and then re-inforcing what I I've learned. - Nicholas Loukas
Kudos to You! All of your videos are very professional and ever so helpful!- Kim Erickson
Awesome instructor and sticks with you to the end. (and after!!) - Kim Huggins

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