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How to Effectively Answer NCLEX Questions

Written by The NCLEX Team. Posted in NCLEX Test Taking Tips

To advance in your nursing career you have to master the NCLEX. In order to conquer the exam you should know how to effectively answer the NCLEX questions. You can prepare by utilizing an effective NCLEX Review. Passing this test will enable you to get licensed so that you can practice as an entry-level nurse. So how can you effectively answer the NCLEX Questions?

The first step in preparing yourself for the exam is to know the types of questions to expect.

The NCLEX is a computer-sensitized test. The next question is always dependent on a previous question. If you answer the first question correctly, then the next question is relatively more difficult. If you answer the first question incorrectly, then the next question is relatively easier. It adapts to the test taker. Knowing this upfront will give you a great advantage.

The entire exam must be completed in five hours and there is no time limit for each question. With the test being automated, you cannot change your answers once you have submitted them.

How to Successfully Answer the Questions

It all comes down to how well you’ve studied for the exam. With the right NCLEX Review course and enough practice, you can develop the critical thinking techniques required to pass the NCLEX.

Here are some strategies when answering the questions:

  • Make sure you understand the question. If you are uncertain, try paraphrasing the question.
  • Answer the question first before looking at the options. Options may confuse you and throw you off track.
  • During the times when you have no immediate answer, look at the options and use the process of elimination.
  • Read options thoroughly for possible hints.
  • Look for target words that can help you identify the correct answer.
  • Remember, the NCLEX is not a memory test. Questions require analysis and critical thinking.
  • Do not base answers on personal clinical experience from your past. NCLEX questions are based on established nursing guidelines.
  • Do not be too quick to answer familiar questions. Always read carefully and understand questions before answering.
  • Set a good pace from the beginning and be cautious of how much time you have left throughout the exam.
  • Avoid selecting answers simply because they are the longest. Lengthy responses are not always correct.
  • Try to avoid guessing. Before you guess use the strategies mentioned. Take a moment and recall from memory the section that this question may have been in while your were preparing using your NCLEX Review.

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