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Become a Successful Nurse Entrepreneur

Written by The NCLEX Team. Posted in NCLEX Nursing Articles

Entrepreneurialism is growing in all segments of work, and nursing is no exception. Registered nursing is a field that is experiencing high growth due to the aging population living longer and the technology that is improving and saving lives. Qualified nurses are highly sought after for employment, but the work can be demanding and stressful.  Nurses work in hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices and other medical facilities. The hours are often long and working nights and week-ends are required. The demands on personal time and home life can be stressful which is why some nurses are seeking self-employment. Some of the rewards of self-employment include:

  • Being in charge of your own work life
  • Being able to set work days and hours around personal needs and schedule
  • Determining types of clients and patients most comfortable working with
  • Setting fees for work
  • Working for enjoyment instead of just a paycheck.

Self-employed nurses must develop a business model and establish a business, which means getting an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS just like any other business. The business must pay all applicable taxes, and the nurse should get business insurance to protect against any liabilities that may arise.

Other than that, all the nurse has to do is begin marketing the independent nursing business, and clients should not be hard to find. There are several types of work the nurse entrepreneur could pursue.

Private Duty Nursing – with the aging population and people who are ill but want to stay in their homes, a registered nurse can work with private-pay clients. Families may need nursing care for loved ones 24 hours a day, but do not want to put the person in a skilled nursing facility away from family.

Medical Consultant – many companies find it is less expensive to hire consultants for projects rather than permanent staff. Nurses can use their medical background to consult with all types of companies including hospitals, insurance companies, medical billing companies and even research facilities.

Wellness Coach – the focus of many organizations is keeping people healthy rather than incurring serious medical expenses managing illnesses. Companies are hiring wellness coaches as a benefit to employees in an effort to steer employees to activities that encourage healthy lifestyles. Nurses are contracted to develop and institute programs and counsel on wellness.

Case Managers – a nurse entrepreneur can work as patient advocates, care managers and area-specific case managers for medical facilities, advocacy groups and even individual private-pay clients.

Advanced Nursing – some nurses are obtaining Master’s Degrees and training as nurse midwives, nurse practitioners and other specialized fields and opening their own medical practices. They are generally in high demand as many people prefer the caring, more holistic approach of these medical providers.

Healthcare is a growing field, and the opportunities are there to help shape the next phase of healthcare delivery. Programs are available to help nurses gain extra skills and certifications that put them on the road to independence and success as RN entrepreneurs.  So once you pass the NCLEX you can decide for yourself if being a nurse entrepreneur is for you or not.  At least you’ll have the option.

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